Can I be a Writer I wish?

So, the four weeks are now complete and I have devoured four books including a 200 pager on vocab…wtf? Are you crazy? You don’t cram vocabulary son! Well, I do sir, can’t help it.

Can I become the writer I suddenly want to be? Well, I have a bit of experience. I’ve been writing things. Actually, I’ve already written…hmmm….hmmm…15 posts for this blog?

And it says, “that ain’t enough.”

Who says what?

(Deep inside my Brain) “Your —–”

“Can you repeat that sir? I didn’t hear.”

(Again) “Your writing—-”

What sir? Say once more, it was not clear.

(Brain activity) “Your writing sucks”.

“What? I suck?” Well, I got one thing for you sir, “F O!”

Now you must be wondering what am I writing, Right? So let me explain.

There is a guy. He is a commonly found creature in India. A food junkie. Just 23. Works on the PS3 and doesn’t care about ‘thee’. He’s suddenly realized something and he wants to be honest about it. His blogging career has been a great journey. An experience where he’s found people like OM to
HW, came across Ideas as motivating as Suds’ to as Inspirational as Sierra’s. He’s found authors to poets to even nonsensical idiots (I maybe one of them, but couldn’t care less). It’s all been good but even better is a thought. An idea he’s ruminated for the past few weeks. A fact that he wants to share with you all, “What about giving writing a serious thought?”

Say whaaat?

“Yes sir, a career in writing.”

Is he sure?

“Yes Sir, he is.”

All his 23 years, he’s wandered. From high roads to deep trenches he’s covered everything. Sudden happiness to utter despair, he’s felt everything. Sometimes he did it alone, others he found friends. He’s been slandered, he’s been ridiculed. He’s been focused and he’s been adrift. He’s found a lot of things and lost as many; but one thing that was never gone was ‘what he had to be’. He’s still petrified to tell you who he is, but for the one last time he says, “This is me.”

This is my life and I want it to be an inspiring journey. I’ve seen failures and tell me who hasn’t? All of us have been swayed by winds of people who want to control our thoughts and our lives. That way it gets easier for us to depend. There is someone who keeps doing things for us, but for once, leave me alone! I can’t be what you want me to be. I have to be myself. I have be me!

People want to belong and I also do, but this time only to myself. I’ve been asked this question time and again, “what do you want to do?” and I’ve always been confused. Neither do I have a clue nor do I think I ever will. I don’t know what waits at the other side but for once the picture is clearer and I want to have a deeper look. I know it may be hard but I want to be dedicated. Do it as long as I can possibly forever if god wishes. I’ve never given it a thought but finally it has come. I hope I’ve found my path and I know you will also one day. So just let me write and leave me alone, watch me how I play along.

Just let me make you aware that I don’t want to be an author. There is a difference, mind it.

I would request you to have a look at my blog and let me know of any suggestions:


I want to run: Like a Traveller, Never a tourist!

What has happened to me? Have I stopped thinking or have I suddenly run out of Ideas? I don’t think of writing anymore. It feels as if I have better things to do. Life is big and writing doesn’t seem to fill the empty spaces.

Is my motivation lost?
All enthusiasm gone?
Was my excitement an illusion?

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Swayed by failures? Hold yourself, till the end!

So, my blogging career is four weeks old now and someone just asked ‘are you lovin’ it?’ You bet I am. Lovin’ it to the point that I now want to be a writer. How do you feel that, huh?? Another person swayed by the winds, right? And yes, in a way you are right, but isn’t it that all things start small? besides, when did I say that I have to be the next Stephen King?
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Blogs: The creativity syndrome!

Yesterday, I met a guy who asked me, “OK, since now I am 11 posts and a few 100 followers old on wordpress, how can I improve? How can I increase the number of views my blog has, the number of unique visitors it gets, the inbound links it has. How can I fuckin’ monetize it?” And I replied, “Shut the fuck up Sudhir. Don’t be a cynically opressive capitalist. Leave your fuckin’ blog as it is.”

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Ideas of the confused mind!

Before beginning this post I was wondering what exactly shall I write about? What topic shall I touch upon? What feelings shall I try to convey? and then suddenly it dawned on me…Nothing! I don’t know! I am confused.

Has it ever occured to you, when your mind simply says, “I don’t know”. I’m sure it must have because without it life would seem so abnormal. We are not perfect and it is perfectly fine.

But, What to do..

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Motivation: it is continuity that matters, spurs don’t count

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.”
– Gordon Parks –

There are times when one feels motivated and energetic when starting something new, but after some time loses enthusiasm and interest? Most certainly you will not achieve Success that way. Do you feel something needs to change? If yes, then read on…

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