Ideas of the confused mind!

Before beginning this post I was wondering what exactly shall I write about? What topic shall I touch upon? What feelings shall I try to convey? and then suddenly it dawned on me…Nothing! I don’t know! I am confused.

Has it ever occured to you, when your mind simply says, “I don’t know”. I’m sure it must have because without it life would seem so abnormal. We are not perfect and it is perfectly fine.

But, What to do..

When the mind seems heavy and air is foggy?

I have just one answer and its simple..

Be confused!


Confusion is where thinking begins..
It keeps you busy..
It gets you to that breathtaking moment of clarity..
It leads you to the sunshine that you were looking for since eternity..

As with survivors, they don’t know where they have to go but are willing enough to struggle for that path of survival..that is what you have to be…A SURVIVOR!

Situations can make you lose yourself,
Problems can defy any preparation, Conflicts can crash your mind…but…

Throughout this agony just rememeber one thing..You’re going see it through no matter how much it makes you writhe and sweat and cry.

Keep working..
Keep busy..
And Remember..

“Key to Success is to Embrace the Confusion for after it lies the Clarity”

By Sudhir


4 thoughts on “Ideas of the confused mind!

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