Swayed by failures? Hold yourself, till the end!

So, my blogging career is four weeks old now and someone just asked ‘are you lovin’ it?’ You bet I am. Lovin’ it to the point that I now want to be a writer. How do you feel that, huh?? Another person swayed by the winds, right? And yes, in a way you are right, but isn’t it that all things start small? besides, when did I say that I have to be the next Stephen King?

My latest read ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King has had a great impact on me and so did ‘Outliers’ a few years back. The two diamonds have not only inspired me to invest my time but rather my soul in whatever I do. They contain a simple fact in simple language which is, ” work your ass bitch! or you get shit. Nothing more!”

People say, “your karma will get back to you” and I concur that, “yes it does.” Often, you confuse the choices you ought to make and when people like me try to advise, it certainly does not help. How can this shit blabbering retard tell me what I gotta do. You say, “If I did not go to gym yesterday, its fine. If I indulged in the ‘The GTA Life’, its fine. If I did not post on my blog, its fine. I can do whatever I wish after all, its my body, my life, and my blog. Who is he to tell me what I gotta do? He is fukin’ no one!” But, is that true? Am I no one?

Look you retard! I have only one thing to say, I am the body you did not work, I am the life you totally ignored and I am the blog you did not write.

Continue this ignorance and I shall get back to you. Only this time with a ghastly pain that will make you wail. A sorrow so deep that you shall abhor. A problem that you’ll despise forever. I will be the one thing that you never wanted. And you know what my name would be? Failure – A fruit of your karma. The one thing that you always deserved. I am The heartless bitch!


I ain’t as heartless as you think of me,
Let me give you the last chance you wanted to be,
Stop reading this shit n get back to work,
Push yourself to the limits and persevere,
‘Coz then you will win and thats all that matters!

By Sudhir


4 thoughts on “Swayed by failures? Hold yourself, till the end!

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