A Dream Etched in Words!

I keep dreaming new endings to situations that didn’t work out in my teens..
Keep pondering about those memories of the past..
what am I trying to find? . . . . . .

I see myself writing more than I ever have,
Thinking more than I ever could,
Probing for that perfect word..
I keep scribbling continuously and
Then a question creeps my mind..

Is this my new passion? Is this my new hobby? What is it exactly? And, after ruminating over it for sometime, I realise! It’s a DREAM!

By Sudhir


Motivation: it is continuity that matters, spurs don’t count

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.”
– Gordon Parks –

There are times when one feels motivated and energetic when starting something new, but after some time loses enthusiasm and interest? Most certainly you will not achieve Success that way. Do you feel something needs to change? If yes, then read on…

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Persevere: That’s all that matters!!

Often when we don’t get what we desire in as little time as possible, we feel discontented. It is this emptiness that replaces every bit of our enthusiasm, motivation and sincerity with depression, self-pity and lack of self-esteem.

Often, after reading a book or an article, after listening to a lecture or watching a movie, there is a burst of enthusiasm and a high energy level, but this often does not last long.

What can you do to keep enthusiastic and motivated? What can you do to do achieve what you want? The secret lies here..

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Success: The game of mindset

Success: The game of mindset

Have you ever wondered what the reason behind success is? Why people like Jobs and Gates and most recently Mr Nadella have become what they are? Why is there always a select few like them who play with success at such ease? What is the path that leads them to this ultimate glory and achievement….Well, it all lies in one thing; The Mind-set!

We all want to be an amazing athlete, a creative genius, a great writer, an inspirational leader etc. etc. And people say in order to achieve these you require an attitude, a frame of mind, a level of dedication and BLAH BLAH BLAH!! What not? But, getting past the obvious, my point is simple…

You need three things

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Blogging: sharing ideas or making profits?

Blogging: sharing ideas or making profits?

Hello everyone :D.

I may get slammed for what is contained in this blog but let me atleast put it forward.

Lately, blogs have started fascinating me a lot. I visit a lot of blogs in order to learn and my common observation among all is what I want to share today.

Why do they fascinate me? What is the reason?
Its obvious. They are original. They are expressive. Actually, they are a compilation of all things beautiful. They are a compilation of ideas.

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