Blogging: sharing ideas or making profits?

Hello everyone :D.

I may get slammed for what is contained in this blog but let me atleast put it forward.

Lately, blogs have started fascinating me a lot. I visit a lot of blogs in order to learn and my common observation among all is what I want to share today.

Why do they fascinate me? What is the reason?
Its obvious. They are original. They are expressive. Actually, they are a compilation of all things beautiful. They are a compilation of ideas.

I am new to blogging and its fascinating to observe that most of the videos or articles that I referred to in order to organize my blog better and engage the likes of you have merely focused on just one thing. Monetization! Monetization! Monetization!

There is no focus on expressive content. There is no focus on giving something great to the readers/viewers. Focus is on key elements that will entice the customers to click on landing pages, offers, ads, outbound links, etc. etc.

But, my question is,

‘Is that all we are here for?’ Is money the only motivation. Are people so selfish today that they don’t see anything else?

What’s your take on this? I would like to hear and appreciate the views.

Somethings just need to be you and your blog can be a perfect reflection of yourself.

A blog is about you and not for you. 🙂

By Sudhir


7 thoughts on “Blogging: sharing ideas or making profits?

  1. Hi Sudhir,
    You may b right in a way but my belief is different.. Blogging is an amazing opportunity for all those who have something to share with the world.. The motivation may be to share experiences, promote a business , making blog a money machine or the urge to help others.
    So it might be possible the number of people who are here , are mostly for money but an even bigger number is here to advance their opinion , their love for writing and to reach as many people as they can..

    • Ya true, this is what I want to focus upon. Blogs for me are a platform to share ideas and opinions. Money should be kept at bay atleast on blogs. Promote everything from yourself to your ideas but keep advertisements aside. I hate ’em :p

  2. You are putting forward a opinion that is wrong. Blogs can be used for anything and everything. As I said due to different motivational forces , everyone has his/her own reason to write one.. U hate them that doesn’t mean others should stop using this platform in their best interest. A blogger’s first motive should be to be open minded and not just put forward any rigid mentality in front of one’s audience

    • Agreed! But just tell me one thing, by telling me that my opinion is wrong aren’t you suggesting that you have a rigid opinion of your own. I am open minded and I don’t mind people earning money from thier blogs. My point was just that the focus shud nt be on creating content for money but rather to educate people of new ideas, spread awareness and propogate happiness.

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