Persevere: That’s all that matters!!

Often when we don’t get what we desire in as little time as possible, we feel discontented. It is this emptiness that replaces every bit of our enthusiasm, motivation and sincerity with depression, self-pity and lack of self-esteem.

Often, after reading a book or an article, after listening to a lecture or watching a movie, there is a burst of enthusiasm and a high energy level, but this often does not last long.

What can you do to keep enthusiastic and motivated? What can you do to do achieve what you want? The secret lies here..

Short spurts of enthusiasm or motivation are not enough to accomplish anything of value. You need to keep your desire and inner flame alive and focused on your goal. So what can you do about it?

Read on…there is some blabber coming in..

1.) Devote 10 minutes a day to reading and thinking about the benefits of what you want to do or accomplish?

2.) Every day, read about people who achieved success by being tenacious and persistent?

3.) Every day, find a quiet place, and for several minutes visualize yourself acting with enthusiasm and motivation?

4.4.4) Sorry for the three most idiotic suggestions ever, they are all bullshit.

There is a deluge of self-proclaimed experts on subjects such as motivation, self belief, self-help etc etc etc that spam our world today. There suggestions vary from what I mentioned above to even more idiocy. And let me tell you, it all sucks bigtime!

We are the ones who want to be better, we are the ones who want to change, we are the ones who want to help the world and it is only and only us who can do anything about it. It is us, not they who matter and if we follow these idiots we will remain at square one FOREVER.

Many of you must have read ‘Master of the game’, if not please do. In the book, jamie risks his life to find diamonds because that was all he wanted. NOTHING ELSE MATTERED! There was nothing else he cared for. You need to have the same passion. I have all the metrics here, but they won’t bloody help if you don’t have the passion.

I have blabbered a lot on passion but how to find it? Simple. Take interest in something you enjoy doing and take that first step towards it. Begin! Thats all it needs. Besides, this is not a guidebook that will help you plan but a mere reflection of my thoughts that will try to motivate you TO BEGIN!

One more thing that I would suggest, you need to be patient and persistent, even if you see no progress, because success might be just a few inches away. Every success requires dedication, time, perseverance and tenacity. And, that is all that matters!! Never give up!

Once you decide about anything, go on with it, persevere, even after you lose enthusiasm and desire. Don’t give up, even if what you are doing seems to be like a burden and drudgery. Don’t give up, even if you feel bored.

Remember, this is your own life, and you are responsible for it. Why succumb to laziness and procrastination? This might not be easy, and there might be obstacles on the way. Just keep your mind on your goals. Brian tracy does help you with it, but even he gets into a lot of blabber. So

Keeping long story short….

Don’t rely on spurts of enthusiasm!
Keep going on and on and on!
Even if the going is tough and you want to quit.

By Sudhir


2 thoughts on “Persevere: That’s all that matters!!

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