Motivation: it is continuity that matters, spurs don’t count

“Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.”
– Gordon Parks –

There are times when one feels motivated and energetic when starting something new, but after some time loses enthusiasm and interest? Most certainly you will not achieve Success that way. Do you feel something needs to change? If yes, then read on…

Though you understand the importance of what you are doing, know that it will help you, still, you let laziness set in, as well as lack of motivation, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of enough willpower. This makes you feel that what you are doing is some kind of a burden.

Often, people start practicing self-discipline exercises, goal setting techniques etc etc etc, but if they don’t experience immediate and spectacular results, they stop and give up.

But, the point is everything in life requires some work, some effort and time, and self-improvement and blogging are no different. You must give more than what you have!

What to do when motivation caves in?
Interest and enthusiasm wanes?
How to persevere when there isn’t enough willpower?
What shall one do to maintain self-discipline?

Buy books? Attend classes? Enroll on courses and workshop? If you say yes, then please change it because, the problem lies somewhere else..It is here..

By Sudhir


One thought on “Motivation: it is continuity that matters, spurs don’t count

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