Success: The game of mindset

Have you ever wondered what the reason behind success is? Why people like Jobs and Gates and most recently Mr Nadella have become what they are? Why is there always a select few like them who play with success at such ease? What is the path that leads them to this ultimate glory and achievement….Well, it all lies in one thing; The Mind-set!

We all want to be an amazing athlete, a creative genius, a great writer, an inspirational leader etc. etc. And people say in order to achieve these you require an attitude, a frame of mind, a level of dedication and BLAH BLAH BLAH!! What not? But, getting past the obvious, my point is simple…

You need three things

1.) A Growth Mindset – Many of us know who Carol Dweck is, right? If yes, (SILENCE). If No, Read her book ‘Mindset: The new psychology of success’. It has everything you want or need. Believing in you is what matters and this book talk’s volumes about it. Also, if you’ve ever read Outliers, it will tell you what success is. Outliers, is one book which has the biggest concept of them all, ‘THE 10,000 hours’ rule.

2.) The 1000 hours: This is the most crucial. You need to believe in this. Without efforts you won’t even be able to kill an ant, and if your efforts are focused, there’s nothing like it. Nothing can stop you from taking the leap. We always get into our comfort zone as soon as we achieve our goals and then out of procrastination the fun just continues. This needs a stop and Mr Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule help break the deadlock. Read about it guys.

3.) Social connections: Success is like sex. The more you get it the more you want. But, why do you want more? It’s Simple. Because you enjoy. Success and sex both arouse us like crazy but, in order to enjoy continuously, you need to have the right partners. If you associate with right kind of people, you will get the right kind of success. So, go and find your friends, the people who are similar to you, the people who think like you and the people who talk like you because that is where success is.

Finally, I am done preaching but, on a serious note, distractions always find us and make us indulge. Commitment plays a crucial role in what you want to achieve thus, BE COMMITTED TO WHAT YOU WANT”. I hope I make my point. Life is simple, you just need to realise that. Have something? Do it with the right attitude! DO it with commitment! Do It with sincerity!  & WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Nothing else maters! You can do it. 🙂


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By Sudhir


8 thoughts on “Success: The game of mindset

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