Save me: am I lost?

Though still learning the art fo writing, I can’t find myself stopping anytime soon. I hope you get my message in the end!

You’ve lost. You’re hurt. You have nothing yet. God, Why is this so? Are you so incompetent?

Are you the ordinary kind? Having no respite? Or, you have to fight you don’t have a choice!

Stakes are high odds are low, and you fell off with a hefty blow! But you know, the failure you are is not your deed. It’s a play of situations that you couldn’t pay heed. It just happened.

Fell off a tree like a leaf so dry, can’t pick yourself how hard you try, but, isn’t this a story that all losers cry? Then you ponder, amazed in wonder why it was you who took the thunder.

Have a look deep in your despair, crave for your soul and cry for your heart for their lies a reason that made you fail. Promise yourself that you will come over it, work towards glory and run over it, repair your heart, mend your soul, create a wonder once and for all.

Empires will fall and Humanity destroyed, but you have to keep working as on steroid.

You are strong, You are powerful, You have made the choice..

You’re the soul, You’re the light, You will win no matter who you fight!


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