Blogs: The creativity syndrome!

Yesterday, I met a guy who asked me, “OK, since now I am 11 posts and a few 100 followers old on wordpress, how can I improve? How can I increase the number of views my blog has, the number of unique visitors it gets, the inbound links it has. How can I fuckin’ monetize it?” And I replied, “Shut the fuck up Sudhir. Don’t be a cynically opressive capitalist. Leave your fuckin’ blog as it is.”

Now, the thing with this kind of capitalism is that the yearning sticks. It remains there forever. Its a fight similar to the fight of heart and mind. One where I do my best to motivate and inspire people through my writing and at the same time try exploring the possibilities of a distant future when this effort bears fruit.

Its a continuous battle that wages my mind,
A difficult path I have to find,
A war where I have to choose what I want the most,
I just hope you know me and understand what I do,
For this battle will never end, neither for you nor for me,
A battle where we keep fighting,
A warzone where we keep guiding,
Ourselves for that precious desire…
That shining glory called…Success!

By Sudhir


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