Problems ain’t here, They’re everywhere!

I see myself suffering in the agony of problems,
Problems that eat my mind and do no kind,
Just give pain!

Ranging from trivial to criminal, they speak to me,
Telling, I cannot chage my mind or the worldly kind,
That I can make no difference in my limited time.

A difference important for the world to see,
One that would make problems flee,

But I know. I know..

I just have a duty to remind..
Keeping things simple and caring for people,
Spreading the love and sharing the feelings,
Is the need of mankind,

Love is not planned & neither is war,
Life is also just not planned,
And for once that is okay…

Live the fight,
Embrace the pain,
Coz down the memory lane,
You will find all the gain..

By Sudhir


One thought on “Problems ain’t here, They’re everywhere!

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