Why am I doing this?

whyNormally, when people begin something they know what they are trying to do. They have it all planned and know where they are headed.

Fortunately, I seldom get such privilege. Although, I knew what I am trying to write has certain meaning to it, I never knew why I’ve suddenly started writing it all. Why I suddenly started expressing myself and putting my thoughts in words. But, finally it has come. The reason has dawned.

We all have areas in our lives that need improvement–whether it’s our careers, relationships, fitness or just overall mental and emotional state. Although making changes in any of these categories sounds like a huge undertaking, it all starts with making goals and taking that first step. Sometimes even that sounds daunting and we need a little bit of inspiration before we can take any steps.

That’s when it’s time to take some advice from people who are already on such journeys. That’s when people like me come into your lives because more than themselves, they want to help you! I want to inspire and motivate people so that they accomplish their undertaking and achieve what they’ve set their minds to.

I wish, you find that inspiration on this blog and understand my feelings towards you.

Love Life! 🙂


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